About Bethany Kelley


Bethany Kelley, also professionally known as, DJ BEPhenomenal is a licensed  MSW, LISW, CLC who doesn't just specialize in entertainment, but  also specializes in life coaching and mental health therapy. 


With over 35 years of combined experience more and more customers come to us for their entertainment needs as they realize they're working with the best DJ services in the industry.


DJ BEPhenomenal is an artist you can count on to make your next party unforgettable.

A Phenomenal Journey...


I was born and raised in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio surrounded by a teen mother, abandoned by my father and guided by my Grandmother. I am no stranger to tough times. However, all of these experiences taught me that I can literally think my way out of any circumstance and that my past does not determine who I can be today. My mission is to lead in teaching the globe how to become their most Phenomenal self, and live with joy no matter what circumstance life presents. My broad-based knowledge has undeniably called me to inspire people from all walks of life; seasoned with an educational background ranging from clinical psychology, social work and criminal justice– these disciplines along with real world experiences, allow me to connect and propel my clients to be their most

Phenomenal selves. 

DJ BEPhenomenal has undeniably been called to inspire people from all walks of life with her message of being your most phenomenal self against all odds! She continues to expand her realm of programming with Phenomenal Enterprise .

Be Phenomenal Enterprise utilizes and believes in the healing power of music.  Bethany is motivated by her desire to see people win and become the most phenomenal version of themselves. Her favorite mantra that she reminds people of is to remember: “keep it positive because you’re already, WHAT? BLESSED." 

My journey from great to Phenomenal


My pilgrimage to find find my purpose began early on in life. I was fortunate to have my Grandmother who taught me the value of faith and charity. I remember being as young as 5 years old and having conversations with people 40-50 years older than me, advising them on what they could do to be their most  Phenomenal self—back then I just called it happy self.

As a teenager, struggling with chronic pain from scoliosis and having a near death experience, I became aware that having a Phenomenal state of mind was truly the only way to transcend hopelessness. My belief in the importance of using strength fueled with purpose was later reinforced by my many years of experience as a mental health therapist.

Education, Training, Associations & Credentials


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Kentucky State University, in Frankfort, Kentucky and a Master’s degree in Social Work Administration from The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently licensed as an Independent Social Worker in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and maintain an ongoing private counseling practice. I earned my certified life coach credentials through Udemy online and continue to expand my expertise by attending and facilitating continuing education seminars.

Additional interests


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I live in Louisville, Kentucky—home to the greatest champions of all times, Me and Muhammad Ali :). I enjoy expanding my knowledge about social work, psychology, human potential, and spirituality. In my free time I lift weights and also enjoy hiking, dancing and traveling. My favorite place to travel is to Sedona, Arizona and my dream trips are to visit Alaska and Japan coming soon! In 2017, I went on my dream vacation to Egypt, one down two to go!